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Superman Return – one of the best movies directed by Singer

Superman is one of the biggest icons of Hollywood. Not only in Hollywood but also in American history. Everyone knows the character of Superman, what he does and how he looks. When Hollywood started making major feature films on these superpower characters, the Man of steel was the first such movie that was featured on screen. After that, Hollywood made a Superman movie in the year 1978 and Richard Donner played the role. It grabbed the attention of the audience at once. The director Christopher Reeve made everyone believe that superman could fly. During the ’80s, Superman was considered one of the best superhero movies ever made.

After the first Superman, Bryan Singer, the famous Hollywood director brought to us Superman returns which exceeded the quality and fidelity of the first Superman. It was arguably much better than the first version. Bryan Singer made the sequel of this movie in the year 2006. Until 2006, superman sequels were made around four times and each sequel was worst than its predecessor. Hollywood was in a dilemma to decide how to bring the character of Superman back to the big screen and this was done by Singer. He was the one who made a fresh comeback of Superman on the big screen and it got equal response and likes by the audience just like X-Men and X2. He crafted the movie in such a way that it was a sequel to Superman II.

Bryan Singer was no doubt one of the best directors of Hollywood to date. He made this film with a determination that the Superman character belongs to the movies and it is similar to Iron man, X-Men, X2, and so on. The action scene, screenplay, and direction, everything is just amazing in all respects. In the movie, the audience can get a taste of a sense of wonder, romance, and Exaltation.

The story

The story of Superman Returns is based on the plot that Superman left the earth in order to find the remaining of his father’s planet. He returned to the earth in order to find out Lois Lane who is now living with Richard white along with a five-year-old son. After saving Lois from an accident, Superman discovered that Lex Luthor, his enemy had stolen the crystals that were derived from the Fortress of Solitude.

It was Luthor who used these crystals to create a new continent and posed a threat to the world. This is the main plot of the story based on which the entire movie was crafted.

Superman returns was one of the best Christological movies that was ever made. It was a full-entertaining big-budget film that was executed beautifully by a talented and efficient director Bryan Jay singer. The special effects were executed in the movie brilliantly. Brandon Routh played the character of Superman and he performed his role brilliantly exhibiting innocence. Kevin Spacey who portrayed the character of Lex Luthor made a terrific appearance.

Superman Returns was a big-budget, special effects movie that ruled the film industry for a long time. If you have not watched this movie till now, watch it once, you will definitely love this superhero character.

Check out the movie review of the “Usual suspects”


In the movie the usual suspect portrayed as five men – Michael McManus, Dean Keaton, Todd Hockney, Fred Fenster, and Verbal Klint. As the movie starts, these five men are bundled into one single lineup. The storyline starts with a truck with stolen guns being hijacked and a team of cops led by the US customs Special was given the responsibility to investigate the case.

The story of this movie has been represented in a stylish way. This is mainly a compelling story of the five people who were blackmailed to take all the charges of robbery in order to shadow the main criminal of the case. the story starts in the Southern part of California where a boat was believed to carry around $ 91 million dollars of cocaine and it exploded in the middle of the night. In the boat around, 27 dead bodies were found and only two apparent survivors were rescued. In the movie, the story was told by a US customs special agent. He narrated how he and his four partners means the other suspects were manipulated in this case. but the actual crime lord is a different person who is hiding from the case. the remaining story of the movie is about finding that crime lord and knowing his actual identity.

To define it in simple terms, it can be said that this movie is all about Good Vs Evil. Rather the movie is about Evil vs itself. Here the protagonists are the five suspects who are good and the cops are bad. The movie showed the lifestyle of the five people that put them into serious consequences. The movie is full of entertainment, action, and thrill. It is a well-crafted crime movie that has entertained many people at large.

The movie was brilliant and it was directed by one of the most successful and famous directors in Hollywood Bryan Singer. He has directed many other movies and gained unprecedented fame for his extraordinary direction. The Usual suspect movie was directed by him in the initial stage of his film career. The movie was praised by the jury and the audience as well.

All the characters in this movie play an excellent role. This movie is near to perfection. The newcomer Del Toro in the movie is the star who used slurred speech and made spastic body movements. But whatever role the guy has been given in the movie, the audience could not take their eyes off him. He was just electrifying. Spacey gave a brilliant performance in the movie. The Usual suspects grab the appreciation of the Film Jury and critics. The audience has experienced a thrilling experience watching the movie. It was full of surprises. The viewers cannot predict what will happen next.

This is truly an expert firm. The director Bryan Jay Singer and the cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel did not waste a single frame. The movie played with both light and shadow, deflection and reflection. The tracking shots of the movie allude visually to both comic books and film noir. The success of this movie is much because of the award-winning screenplay of Christopher Mcquarrie. Altogether it was a great film and everyone should watch it once.

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Bryan Singer on X-Men : First Class

 X-Men Director Bryan Singer

The fourth installment to the X-Men series came in 2011 with X-Men: First Class, directed by Matthew Vaughn. Bryan Singer, the director of the original two X-Men films, was originally supposed to direct this movie but was caught up doing other projects at the time, however he co-wrote the script and formalised his duties to producer.

The movie is set primarily in 1962 in a time before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto. They were two mutants, friends and leaders in the making. They recruit a powerful team of meta-humans as they learn that the arch-nemesis and dangerous mutant Sebastian Shaw intends to start a nuclear war to destroy the world and gain power. But in this process a rift drives the friends apart and leads way to the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men.

Singer used this movie to go back and recreate history to develop the characters in the script, he says it was an ‘opportunity to show how young minds can evolve’, letting two characters with similar ideologies and identifications take different paths to achieve their goals. The script offers the characters a lot of depth and is compounded by the action, emotion and story.

The movie was a box office success grossing over $350 million worldwide and re-popularized the franchise with following sequels focusing on younger portrayals of the X-men characters. It was praised by critics for its strong script, well-rounded cast and powerful performances.

Bryan Singer – X2


Xmen2 - Bryan singer

After the success of X-men (2000) both financially and through critical appraisal, 20th Century Fox immediately commissioned the second instalment to the X-Men franchise, the sequel ‘X2’ or ‘X-Men 2’ which was bought to our screens in 2003. The superhero movie is directed again by Bryan Singer who also researched various story lines from the X- Men comic book series to cultivate a plot on which to base the script.

The plot follows an assassination attempt on the president by a mutant named Nightcrawler, which sparks a fear of meta-humans and triggers an assault on Professor Xavier’s school for mutants making the X-Men go into hiding. Meanwhile a scientist and religious fanatic named William Stryker plans to annihilate all meta-humans and kidnaps the X-Men’s leader Xavier in a plot to use the cerebro to find the mutants and destroy them. This leaves the X-Men with no choice but to team up with their enemy Magneto, in a temporary alliance to stop Stryker before it’s too late.

The movie crossed the $200 million mark, making it the 6th highest grossing film of 2003. It was praised for its action, acting and storyline with a widely accepted response that it surpassed its predecessor, the original X-Men (2000) movie which is very rare achievement and a tribute to Singers potential. In May 2007 Rotten Tomatoes listed X2 as the greatest comic book movie of all time and it stands today with a 7.4/10 rating on IMDB. It won the Saturn award for ‘Best Science Fiction Film’ and got Singer a Best Director nomination along with 6 other nominations at the Saturn Awards that year. Overall this response was critical in securing the position of the X-Men franchise today and is obvious as to why Singer was chosen subsequently to direct X-Men; Days of Future Past (2014) the highest rated movie of the franchise.

Bryan Singer – Apt Pupil

Apt Pupil, a novel by Stephen King was adapted to the big screen in 1998 with director Bryan Singer at its helm. It sees a 16 year old high achieving high school student Todd Bowden (Brad Renfro) who suspects his neighbour Arthur Denker (Ian McKellen) is actually a Nazi war criminal in hiding from justice named Kurt Dussander. Bowden soon confronts Denker and blackmails him to reveal his stories of the holocaust or be turned into the police. The boy and old man develop a strange relationship; the more the boy hears the more it affects his personality, grades and behaviour and Dussander has his old Nazi habits stirred, with disturbing results.

For Singer, the novel Act Pupil was known to him since his teenage years where he first read it at 19. With the desire to adapt it to the screen, he asked his friend Brandon Boyce to write a spec script and they went directly to Stephen King armed with script and a copy of The Usual suspects which had yet to be released to the public. Stephen king subsequently handed them the rights to the movie. Singer appreciated being able to make a horror film with less supernatural terror and more character-driven terror and describes the premise of the movie as a study in cruelty. This leads to the tag line of the movie ‘if you don’t believe in the existence of evil, you’ve got a lot to learn’. Singer manages to construct a tense and unnerving atmosphere throughout the film which secured the win of the Saturn award for ‘Best Horror Film’ and a nominee for Singer as Best Director, with other wins for Ian McKellen as Best Actor at the Saturn awards, Critics Choice, OFTA film award and FFCC award.

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A complete review on X-men directed by Bryan Singer

X-men is an American Superhero based movie that was directed Bryan Singer and written by David Hayter. The film is based on the Marvel superhero team where the characters have the same name and feature the same casting such as Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, Bruce Davison, Tyler Mane, and Anna Paguin. The story of the film represents a world where an unknown percentage of people are mutants and possess superhuman powers due to which they are distrusted by normal human beings. The film mainly focuses on the characters of Wolverine and Rogue as they are the leaders of two teams and conflict takes place between the two teams who have different approaches regarding the acceptance of mutant-kind.

The development of X-men started years back in 1984 with James Cameron and Kathryn Biglow. The film was bought by the fox studio in the year 1994. After that, several changes have been brought to the story-line of the film. Singer signed to direct the movie in the year 1996 and the story of the film was rewritten by Ed Solomon, Christopher Mcquarrie, and Tom Desanto. The film was a blockbuster hit and it received recognition and applause across the globe. the filming took place from September 1999 to March 2000 in Toronto.

The movie first premiered at Ellis Island on 12th July 2000 and it was released in the United States two days later. It was a huge box office success and received many positive reviews from the critics for its story, performances, and thematic depth. The success of this film led to sequels, reboots, prequels, and spin-offs. The success of this movie brought the reemergence of superhero-based films.


In a world where both humans and mutants fear each other, Marie known as Rogue runs away from home and is hitched with another mutant known as Wolverine. Professor Charles who owns the school of young mutants sends Cyclops and Storm to bring them back before it becomes too late. On the other hand, Magneto believed that war is approaching and made an evil plan and needed rouge to help him in this regard.

The movie received unprecedented success in the drama department by highlighting the fight and struggles of the mutants in society. This has added some real gravitas and made the movie X-men the most dramatic movie to date. The main negative character of the movie Sebastian Shaw worked really well. His real was also praised by viewers across the globe.

The action scenes of the movie are truly impressive. The entire production team and the director have given their best performance in the movie. The supporting cast of the movie performed an impressive job when they were on screen. Jennifer Lawrence has added depth to her character named as Mystique while Nicholas Hoult makes a great appearance showing his struggle with mutation.

Overall, the movie grabbed the attention of viewers from across the globe and it has been played on big screens in almost all countries. It was one of the best movies directed by Bryan Singer.

Get to know some more facts of Bryan Singer

If we talk about one of the most successful Hollywood film director and producer, the name of Bryan Singer appears in the first place. He is one of the most talented directors who showed his excellent skills in cinematography and direction in Hollywood movies. He directed many movies and among them Superman, X Men are the most famous. These two movies got many awards and they were block buster hits across the globe. Besides these two movies, Bohemian Rhapsody has been received the most prestigious Oscar award.

Besides making movies, Singer showed in his interest in photography too. He directed many short films during the early stage of his career. His directed short films were also praised by its viewers. One of his best directions for short films is House.  He directed some of the premier episodes of it and it received acclamation for brilliant direction.

Since his childhood, Singer showed his interest in filmmaking. While others are busy playing basketball on the basketball ground, he was busy making 80mm short films. Besides filmmaking, he also showed his interest in photography as well. He attended and graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts in the year 1989. After that, he completed a two years film-making course at West Windsor High School in New Jersey. While continuing his studies at USC school, he met composer, director, and editor John Ottman. From there he started his journey. He attended the school of visual arts in New York City for a long time but did not complete his studies there. Later in the year 200, he visited the school to share his film-making experience with its students.

His first film “the Unusual” was released in the year 1995. After that, he directed many other films such as Apt Pupil, Superman returns, X2, X-men days of future past, and so on. All his directed movies are the biggest blockbuster hits ever. One of the recently directed movies “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released in the year 2018 and it was an Oscar-winning movie.

As it has already been mentioned that Bryan directed many short films and worked on a small screen as well, his works were praised for this platform as well. He directed one of the premiere episodes of House and it successfully grabbed compliments from its viewers. Besides this, he also directed many small screen short movies such as Battle Creek, Mockingbird Lane, Dirty Sexy Money, and so on.

One of the most recent television works of Bryan Jay Singer as an executive producer is “The Gifted”. This television series has been aired on television for two years, i.e., from the year 2017 to 2019. He directed many episodes of the series.

Super hit movies like X-men and Superman got a huge success. The movie Superman was directed by Singer and it was released in the year 2006. Both Superman and X-men are super hit movies and high budget. The director received praise for his work. He received compliments across the globe for his excellent creativity and skill.

The number of awards he received for his work includes

  • Empire award for the best film direction
  • Empire award for the best film production
  • Saturn award for best film direction
  • The President’s memorial award